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Feb 1985   


Happy Content shone brightly for a brief and chaotic period in the mid 80’s.


With strong rhythm, unorthodox guitar chords, burbling synthesiser and stream of consciousness "hideous" vocals,

Happy Content delivered a potent antidote to the sanitised rock, pop (and “indie”) of the 80’s.


Sometimes jokingly referred to as "African Tent" they were hated by audience, critics, reporters, and especially other

“musicians” .


But Happy Content had little or no regard for anyone else’s opinion.


Feb 1985 - Don't let the smiles fool you        Feb 1985       


The air raid siren keyboard intro to "Sedan Chair" at the start of each gig was a warning sign of what was to come.

Audiences were polarised, those that didn't get it wrote letters of complaint, Happy Content adored the criticism

and insults.


At their worst (or best) Happy Content was a cacophonous barrage of opposing forces (and personalities) and at their best,

brief periods of musical structure would emerge to delight and even surprise the live audience.


Feb 1985        Feb 1985


With no image, no stage presence and struggling with bad equipment Happy Content alienated audiences but for some

the attraction was too intense and a crazed “turkey strut” dance emerged amongst a small group of fans.


Early gigs were insanely brilliant, the home crowd never really got it, Happy Content faired slightly better on their

"away" trips.


Famously at one gig the promoter said "the rest look OK but the singer looks like he works

at the newsagents down the road". Such was the visual feast at a Happy Content gig.


With the departure of Khan in mid 85 following a disastrous gig at the Paradise Rooms, Happy Content lost some of their

edge. With replacement A Walker the line up was more reliable and higher profile(!) gigs were played, notably a support

slot with The Fall in October 1985.


Feb 1985

 Pictures taken by Pete Key 9th Feb 1985.


Largely derided for “not being proper musicians” Happy Content proved a comical annoyance on the live music scene in the mid 80’s.


Inevitably Happy Content crumbled into a predictable demise deciding to split before a home gig at the Continental Club in

October 1986.


Check out these pages and experience some of what was Happy Content.


The Evil Teacup , Fall 2009                                                                       For Jason, Bernie, Johnny B, Ray and all other too soon departed souls.                                                                         

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